Protect Your Loved Ones from Identity Theft
August 30, 2017
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Credit Fraud Prevention Tips

Credit card fraud is a serious matter. For victims, it can be a frightening experience. While no one wants to live a life looking over their shoulder, credit card theft can happen at the most unexpected times. While there is no guarantee that anyone is exempt from becoming a VICTIM OF IDENTITY THEFT, there are certain things you can do to decrease your chances of falling victim to credit fraud.

  1. Check ATMs and gas pumps for loose parts or suspicious keypads. If you find something suspicious, you should inform the gas station or bank, and transact your business at another machine.
  2. Check your credit card statements for unusual charges. CHECKING YOUR CREDIT REPORT on a regular basis can help you react quicker to fraud or identity theft.
  3. Be careful when accessing the Internet in public venues. Unlike home or office WiFi networks, there are a large number of WiFi spots that do not encrypt the data being transmitted through them. Your email, bank account, and credit card information could be fair game for a hacker with the right skills. Never share personal information with a stranger on social media sites and try to limit the personal information you share with your friends.
  4. Don’t carry information in your wallet or purse that you do not need. Birth certificates, Social Security cards, PIN numbers, and passwords can be easily stolen. Identity thieves can be long gone before you become aware of any missing information.
  5. Shred documents with personal information before you throw them away. Identity theft crimes are usually thought of as being high-tech in nature. There are still identity thieves who do not mind foraging through a dumpster for valuable information.

Preventing credit card fraud takes a conscious effort. Protecting your credit card information begins with you.


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